Patient Engagement

Envisioning a patient portal to improve monitoring, recovery, and profitability

Note: Some clients have requested that our agency not use of their name or likeness in any externally facing materials we produce.


Our client, a re-known orthopedic specialty hospital, wanted to improve post-operative monitoring and patient engagement to help facilitate recovery and limit additional procedures. ​


Applying a human centered approach through direct interactions with patients and Healthcare (HC) Teams to understand data & insights requirements, the Nimbl Team validated design concepts with patients & HC Teams to ensure the app is intuitive, captures the correct data, and has proper collaboration between the patient & HC Teams.​​


Envisioned a Patient Engagement Portal that utilizes data collected passively from wearable devices as well as  daily user check-ins to monitor recovery progress. The platform spans multiple devices and connects patients & HC Teams to enable KPI tracking that is relevant to recovery. When irregularities are detected, the HC Team can provide changes in patient care reducing office visits and acute health issues.

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