Agile Teams

Scalable, multidisciplinary teams to meet rapid development goals

Note: Some clients have requested that our agency not use of their name or likeness in any externally facing materials we produce.

"The Nimbl team has been instrumental in achieving our goals. Leveraging resources at the right time with the right skills, provides us the flexibility to ramp up or down depending on each project – driving faster, thoughtful solutions while saving us time and unnecessary cost.”

Chief Operating Officer, Fintech Client


Our client embarked on a major development endeavor for their core product, requiring specialized teams with adaptable resource allocation.


We employed our NimblPods approach, establishing a program that:

  • Onboarded core and flexible resources concurrently, training them in client-specific tools and methodologies.
  • Helped our client minimize the number of dedicated resources.
  • Integrated flexible resources as needed throughout development.
  • Empowered the Nimbl Program Manager to collaborate proactively with client management in resource management and forecasting.


Clients trimmed resource costs by employing a lean, dedicated full-time team. They gained agility and met development goals by swiftly integrating flexible resources as required.

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