Nimbl successfully launches its development and delivery solution, NimblPODS

Solution accelerates development and realizes continuous delivery with agile teams and extensive managed services.

Philadelphia – November 10, 2022Nimbl Consulting, a professional services company delivering personalized experiences and uniquely crafted solutions, announced today the official launch of NimblPODS, their advanced development and delivery solution.  With NimblPODS, businesses gain access to additional technology, project management, and design expertise through right-sized and diverse teams, or as a comprehensive managed service.

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, the ability to swiftly build teams with the necessary skillsets and capacity is paramount. NimblPODS empowers organizations to meet their business and technology goals by providing immediate and structured capacity through wholly-formed agile delivery teams, available locally or on a global scale. This adaptable solution allows businesses to respond rapidly to shifting requirements and leverage key expertise for critical projects.

James McDermott, ManagingPartner at Nimbl Consulting, expressed the importance of NimblPODS in meeting clients' evolving needs. "As our clients' business and technology requirements change, having the flexibility to quickly build out teams and skillsets is critical," said McDermott. "Our NimblPODS solution provides additional capacity or key expertise required for essential projects.By helping fulfill our clients' diversity and inclusion goals, they are better equipped to address challenges, attract top talent, and meet the diverse needs of their customer base."

"The Nimbl team has been instrumental in achieving our goals," said Jim Warren, Chief OperatingOfficer of FIDx, praising its effectiveness. "Leveraging resources at the right time with the right skills, provides us the flexibility to ramp up or down depending on each project – driving faster, thoughtful solutions while saving us time and unnecessary cost.” 

Beyond team deployment, Nimbl Consulting also takes on the responsibility of managing, supporting, and enhancing clients' digital applications. The Nimbl solution alleviates their clients’ Design and IT Teams day-to-day workload, provides access to additional tools, as well as facilitates data-driven insights through regular analytics and reporting. Nimbl Consulting's NimblPODS modernizes the way businesses approach project management and team scalability. With its agile delivery teams, diversity focus, and comprehensive support, NimblPODS empowers organizations to adapt and thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

For more information about NimblPODS and Nimbl Consulting's range of services, please visit nimbldigital.com.

About Nimbl Consulting

Nimbl, is a Philadelphia-based PA technology consulting company that combines strategy, human-centered design, analytics, and technology expertise to deliver uniquely crafted solutions and experiences that enhance retention, foster loyalty, and drive exceptional value to their clients. 

For more information, please visit nimbldigital.com or follow Nimbl on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.


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