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Gray hair is my superpower

About two years ago, Nimbl hired me.  I love the clients, the work, the teams, and the leadership.  What Nimbl and the client, where I work, care about is getting the work done with QUALITY.  That’s what I care about, too.  They support my skill sets, and I’m continuously learning new things and bringing value to both Nimbl and our clients.  

As we close out Women’s History Month, I’m thinking about how I was very excited to be invited by Nimbl to attend the Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies, PACT, Foundation Breakfast: Women in Motion – Dynamic Changemakers in Healthcare and Tech conference.  I walked into the breakfast conference optimistic and walked out even more optimistic.  I met and listened to smart, capable, empowered, hard-working women (across four generations) working in tech, starting their own companies, running them, hiring staff, mentoring others and being mentored, and successfully raising funds.  They discussed the many important ingredients and types of fund raising including: relationships, a person’s work legacy, reputation, having mentors, building a strong skill set no matter if they are self-funding, working on donations, or finding external funding.

Since 1986, I’ve been through the technology evolution and the revolution, and I can tell you the younger generations are fierce.  They are getting educated, working for top-tier employers or for themselves, and developing or working in innovative industry sectors.  What PACT did at that breakfast was put together a community, both men and women, and the community showed up.  I thought about what I had heard that morning for several days after the meeting.

The PACT organizers are savvy about timing this conference just before the start of Women’s History Month.  March 8th was International Women’s Day.  I like Peter Gabriel’s lyric, “It’s your day, a woman’s day.”  I like to think everyday is a woman’s day full of potential, opportunity, optimism, and the word, yes.  Yoko Ono famously installed a conceptual art show in November 1966 in London and one of her exhibits was a ladder, which guests climbed to see a small note taped to the ceiling, which simply said, YES.  Everyday small things can change the world and individual women change the world.  I’m thinking of Amanda Gorman, Malala Yousafzai, Greta Thunberg, and Diana Nyad, to name just four!

It’s always valuable to review the basics, if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life, and you can learn something from anyone.

The PACT (Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies) conference speakers influenced my spirit, which is part of my optimistic personality that I bring to Nimbl and my client.  I was really proud to sit at Nimbl’s table and be part of a recognized, respected, high-performing team.  Nimbl gives me opportunities to learn new things and bring value to my client, all I have to do is stay alert and recognize them.  A high tide floats all boats, which is old-school optimism at work in the new tech sphere.

It’s always valuable to review the basics, if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life, and you can learn something from anyone.  I give the conference organizers full credit for having presenters at the conference that crossed generations and cultures.  These speakers were mothers, daughters, bosses, colleagues, fundraisers, and life-long students.

These speakers could work anywhere and do anything, and they made Philadelphia their home and workplace.  These leaders all found their passion, what it is they love to do, and they found organizations and communities that welcome them.  No wonder Philadelphia has been called both the city of brotherly love (as translated) and sisterly affection.  We are an inclusive city that humbly works together to succeed.

Robin Gorneau is a Nimbl employee and works with one of Nimbl’s global financial services technology client.  In Q3 2023, Robin won one of the client’s Spotlight Awards under the scope of, What Leading with Optimism Really Looks Like.  This award was given for her positivity in the workplace and contributions to the organization.

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